Taizé Workshop at SASMA


TAGAYTAY CITY—Seminarians of the St. Augustine Major Seminary participated in a workshop on prayer in the way of Taizé last 2017 February 03.

Ms. Melanie Santos from the Episcopal Commission on Youth Secretariat and Mr. Frence Boiser from the Student Catholic Action of the Philippines facilitated the workshop.  Staff members of the ECY Secretariat assisted them.

The afternoon activity commenced with a getting-to-know activity, followed by a time for sharing about prayer and its importance in everyday life.  An input was given on the kinds of prayer, followed by a short video which introduced the meditative prayer in the style of Taizé.

Among the highlights of the workshop was the reading of the 2017 letter from the Prior of the Taizé Community, Br. Alois, entitled “Together, Opening Paths of Hope”.  The four proposals in that letter emphasizing openness and simplicity also echoed with the theme for 2017 of the SASMA community.  Another highlight was the meaningful discussion on the flow of the Taizé common prayer and how it can become a practice for the Filipino youth.

The seminarians immediately had the chance to apply what they learned as they prepared the prayer space, chants, and readings for the evening prayer, which culminated the workshop.


The assembly divided into small groups for sharing

One of the small groups of seminarians

One of the small groups of seminarians

One of the small groups of seminarians

One of the small groups of seminarians