That Thing Called Mercy

The journey around the country of the YOUCAT Pilgrim Cross of Mercy
A sharing by Mr. Randy C. Fuentes of YOUCAT Philippines
Youcat Cross of mercy
In the midst of confusion and sadness in our world, particularly here in our country, the thing that gives us strength, especially Catholics, is our hope and faith in the mercy of the Lord.  For me, this is what the Pilgrim Cross of Mercy, brought to all places visited in the past 6 months, is all about: to give hope, to let the people who touched and prayed in front of the Cross be assured of God’s unfading mercy and love, and to let them remember and feel God’s promise of mercy.

The YOUCAT Pilgrim Cross of Mercy started its nationwide pilgrimage last 2016 May 23.  It was able to visit nine (9) of the 10 Regional Youth Coordinating Councils: this includes majority of the 86 ecclesiastical territories in the country (including the Military Ordinariate) and different members of the Federation of National Youth Organizations (FNYO).

As in-charge of the pilgrimage and the guardian of the cross, I witnessed God’s merciful love through all the people who journeyed with and volunteered for the Pilgrim Cross, those who welcomed, prayed and celebrated life with the Lord through their encounter with the Cross.  I was touched by the experience of faith of the different people from the different places and cultures that the Cross visited.  With other volunteers, I personally felt and received God’s mercy through the people and families who accepted, fed and took care of us while we were in their respective dioceses or communities.  I was blessed by the life stories and witnessing of people on how God moved and loved them even at their desperate moment.  There were lay people, religious and priests who shared their experiences of the Cross.  They thought that what was coming was only an ordinary cross, but when they saw and touched it, they told us that they had goosebumps because they felt that it was Jesus Himself who came to their place and visited them.  Because of these experiences, I was inspired to move forward and carry my own cross with deep faith in God: He will always be there for me and for my family.  That He will take care of my needs as well as of my family while I am in this pilgrimage of bringing His Cross to the peripheries.

He never failed in assuring me that He is in-charge amidst all my worries.  There were times that my body was tired, and I wanted to go home for much needed rest yet I can’t because I am on a mission, but thank God for He took care of me and healed my sickness and pain as I prayed to Him before His Cross, surrendering myself unto Him.

Now, the Pilgrimage of the Cross of Mercy is over; however, I will never forget this once in a lifetime opportunity of evangelization, proclaiming and becoming a true witness of God’s merciful love for all of us Filipinos.  Being a missionary of mercy, I can say that God always remembers His promise of mercy: not only for those who are in the church but also for those who see themselves outside the church and think they are unloved, especially the young people.

I would like to thank again all the friends and volunteers who gave themselves in this journey of mercy; the YOUCAT Philippines which trusted me; the CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Youth for the help and partnership in this mission; and all the Bishops of the archdioceses, dioceses, prelatures and apostolic vicariates which welcomed the Cross of Mercy.  May God bless us all.

Pilgrimage of the YOUCAT Cross of Mercy

The following is the schedule for the nationwide pilgrimage of the YOUCAT Cross of Mercy:


– May 21 – June 06: Central Luzon Region

– June 07 – 24:  Northern Luzon Region

– June 25 – July 10: Southern Tagalog Region

– July 11 – 26: Bicol Region

July 11 – 15:  Diocese of Daet
July 15: Archdiocese of Nueva Caceres
July 15 – 17: Diocese of Legazpi
July 17 – 20: Diocese of Virac
July 20 – 23: Diocese of Sorsogon
July 23 – 26: Diocese of Masbate

– July 27 – August 14: Western Visayas Region

– August 15 – 31: Central-Eastern Visayas Region

– September 01 – 20: Mindanao-Sulu Pastoral Conference

Sept. 1 – 4: Cabustam; Person-in-charge: Mr. Ronald C. Bocboc
Sept. 5 – 8: Daditama; Person-in-charge: Fr. Leomel P. Puerto 
Sept. 9 – 12: Kidmaco; Person-in-charge: Mr. Rodrigo Z. Guerrero Jr.
Sept. 13 – 16: Dopim; Person-in-charge: Mr. Jaypee M. Veradio
Sept. 17 – 20: Zambasuli; Person-in-charge: Mr. Mark Anthony A. Saavedra

– September 21 – October 07: Military Ordinariate

– October 08 – 25: Federation of National Youth Organizations

– October 26 – November 12: National Capital Region

– November 12 – 20: c/o YOUCAT Philippines


Information posted here is subject to change.

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