Invitation to the 1st National Bible Congress

NATIONAL COUNCILS of FNYO Member Organizations
Dear fellow youth ministers,
Greetings in our Lord!
We are pleased to share with you about the 1st National Bible Congress being prepared by the CBCP-Episcopal Commission on the Biblical Apostolate!  It will be this October 03-05, to be hosted by the Diocese of Laoag.
Why this Congress?  “To maximize the implementation of all of the statements made in Koronadal City (formerly Marbel) after the 21st National Bible Workshop, we found it helpful to come up with a Bible Congress which aims
1) to deepen the awareness of everyone involved in the different commissions of the CBCP, including the Bible Apostolate on the importance of the Word of God in the mission and vision of the Church as found in Verbum Domini
2) to provide a venue for updating on current studies on the Bible
3) to motivate the participants to appreciate the Word of God and be actively involved in its use and reflection in their respective ministries and commissions and also in the distribution of bibles to all parishes and dioceses” (from the CBCP-ECBA Executive Secretary, Dr. NATIVIDAD PAGADUT).
Acknowledging the Word of God as the life and mission of the Church and all her ministries, the CBCP-ECY maintains a mutually beneficial relationship with the CBCP-ECBA; we believe this is mirrored in many dioceses, where the youth ministry and bible apostolate offices/ commissions in various levels are closely collaborating.  May we therefore enjoin you to two things:
1) To be part of this congress by registering and/or sending your youth leaders/ ministers to register (we are appealing especially to youth ministries within the Northern and Central Luzon Regional Youth Coordinating Councils), or by registering with the delegation of the biblical apostolate of your diocese; and
2) To share this invitation to your networks and circles of influence (e.g. parish youth ministries within your diocese, local chapters of your organization, the campus ministries within your reach, etc.).
The CBCP-ECBA has only specified that attendees should be “actively involved in a ministry of the Church and recommended by the parish priest, bishop, director/directress of that ministry” and “willing to serve his/her parish/diocese after the congress”.
The program is being prepared to become relevant in the light of the Jubilee of Mercy and our own Year of the Eucharist and the Family.  More details are available in the CBCP-ECBA website, where (online) registration is open until September 15.
Anticipating your support and cooperation in this regard, I remain
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Executive Secretary
P.S. Here is the link to the site about this event —