Day 3


Youth ministry: Getting it together, to get there!
Mr. Stephen Borja

Workshop 1 – Ministry to the youth is an ever-relevant ministry in the Church in the Philippines.  With the growing presence of young people, both in number and in significance, the Church needs more than ever to impart a ministry among them that is relevant and empowering.  Through KA-LAKBAY, youth ministers have a guiding document as they accompany one another and the young in the spirit of the Lord toward a full life. This workshop will lead the participants toward an awareness and appreciation of this Church document, and how this can be applied in their actual ministries.

Breaking Ground:  Organizing youth events
Mr. Loreto S. San Juan

Workshop 2 – How do we reach out to the world of the young?  How can one special event make a difference?  Discover how to create youth events that make an impact to the young and help them discover Jesus.  This workshop will give us some tips on “marketing” Jesus to the youth culture and make them long for Him like they never did before.

Reaching out to the FB Gen
Rev. Fr. Jessel Gerard Gonzales, SJ

Workshop 3 – The Internet, smartphones and other technological innovations have completely changed global culture and human lifestyle.  If we want to enter the world of the young, we have to be ‘IN’ cyberspace!  Through this workshop, discover how new media can be a powerful tool in walking with the young.  With updates on trends and patterns in the internet, learn some approaches in developing youth ministry—in the net!

Babad tayo! Immersion, youth-style
Rev. Fr. Monching Segubeiense

Workshop 4 – Meeting the young from marginalized sectors definitely demands special skills and strategies.  This workshop will explore approaches in community immersion with a special eye for reaching out to the young.  With the Filipino paradigm of pakikipagkapwa-tao and pakikipagpalagayang-loob, find out how our local communities can empower the young and thus build the Church!

Txt N’ya 4 Lyf! Creative Bible Sharing Methods for the Young
Ms. Rose Marie Banay

Workshop 5 – Amidst a world of words, the Word of God is THE truth our young people need to find meaning and direction.  The Scriptures may be part and parcel of our youth gatherings, but is it introduced to them in ways where they can really appreciate it?  Do they take the Word as their standard in life and daily companion?  This workshop will help us explore creative ways of Bible sharing and allow the Word to transform their lives.

YouCat 101
Sr. Agnes Loria, MCST

Workshop 6 – Pope Benedict XVI offered this special companion for our young people: a youth version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Understand the innovative framework it offers catechists and youth ministers in transmitting the faith to the young.  Learn some helpful ways in utilizing it for catechesis and in our youth meetings and other formative activities.

Up close and personal: Shepherding young people
Mr. Clarke S. Nebrao

Workshop 7 – Like Jesus, we are called to be shepherds to the flock: to walk alongside young people, accompany them in their daily struggles and decisions, and transform them into evangelizers for others.  This workshop will help us develop skills in pastoring as well as maintaining caring groups that will nurture the young towards a living faith.  Analyzing many stories of how Jesus walked with his disciples, let us discover our gifts as shepherds and be His presence to them.

Ka-Pamilya: Developing family-based youth ministry
Fr. Joey Gonzaga

Workshop 8 – Youth ministry should be partners with the family in rearing the young. Unfortunately, we have stories of young people who are in youth ministry because they are “escaping” from their families. How can we organize youth ministry with and through the presence of families? What are different ways to enable families to participate in our ministry, and us in theirs? This workshop will expand our outlook in youth ministry: making it rooted in family values and helping transform the family.

Game na! Animating youth through games
Ms. Maria Lourdes Gutierrez
Ms. Lucia Bernadette Felix

Workshop 9 – Young people learn more by doing.  We develop habits by being challenged, by winning and losing too!  This workshop aims to help us enjoy games and outdoor activities, and how to integrate it in our youth ministry programming.  Learn various games to use for different purposes, and to integrate the Gospel with their insights and learnings.

Live Pure, Love Fully! Teaching sexuality and love to the youth
Mr. Eubert Joseph T. Aguila
Mr. Jermer Cruz
Ms. Ma. Lorena S. Eguico

Workshop 10 – Different surveys say that more than 50% of our young people have had a sexual experience before reaching 18 years.  Teenage pregnancies increase in number even within our youth ministry circles.  Promiscuity and other unhealthy sexual patterns abound.  Where have we gone wrong?  What can we do to enable our young to love themselves fully and to care for others?  How can we help them develop a more healthy psychosexual lifestyle rooted in Gospel and authentic human values?  Let this workshop work you through sex and sexuality, so that we and our young people can live purely and love fully!

Greening the Youth: Mobilizing youth for the environment
Mr. Cedric Daep

Workshop 11 – The whole world is waking up to the reality of global warming and climate change.  Many more entities are organizing themselves to save the earth.  What can youth ministry contribute to this campaign?  How can we form young people to become in touch with nature and take responsibility over it?  This workshop will awaken our love for the environment and empower us to engage the young in this urgent task.

Kapatid, Kapuso:  Youth and inter-faith dialogue
Rev. Fr. Andrew Recepcion

Workshop 12 – Societal challenges and realities call us to join forces and collaborate with people from other faiths.  Though we have different religious beliefs, our values and human needs will allow us to dialogue.  This workshop will help us understand the value of inter-faith dialogue in the world today.  With some tools to impart to our young, we hope that our youth ministry can be welcoming to other faiths and open to grow and learn from them too.

0% Fear, 100% Love: On HIV-AIDS and young people
Ms. Josephine Ignacio
Mr. Rommel Legwes

Workshop 13 – According to latest research, most of the affected by HIV-AIDS in the Philippines are young people; for example, in June 2012, 56% of the reported cases belong to the 20-29 age group.  How should we, as part of the youth ministry of the Church, become involved in this reality?  This workshop will help participants become more aware of the HIV-AIDS situation in our country, and facilitate creating concrete steps by our ministry and other involved groups in responding in truth and with compassion towards this issue.

Fundraising strategies for youth ministry
Rev. Fr. Rex Andrew Alarcon

Workshop 14 – Though there is much to do and many bright ideas to explore in youth ministry, we are often limited by BUDGET!  Learn to integrate this very basic need in our youth ministry by developing the youth into budding social entrepreneurs!  This workshop will help us explore different ways of fundraising that will engage the young and build them up too.

As we pump funds into the ministry, we build our young into entrepreneurs and contribute to social change!

PASA (Politically Aware Socially Active) Youth: Developing youth for good governance
Mr. John Abejuro

Workshop 15 –  We need modern day heroes to transform society and be the change. Reality is knocking at our door, asking us to step up and contribute towards a better Philippines.  How are we faring in this aspect in youth ministry?  Are we helping them to grow in their nationalistic fervor and in their desire to contribute for our country’s better future?  This workshop will help us form young Filipinos who are politically aware and socially involved, that their  voices may be heard and their dreams become reality!

Creating God-encounters for the young
Mr. Joseph Angelo Guevarra

Workshop 16 – Who is Jesus?  How can I meet him?  This is the cry in the hearts of many young people.  There is indeed a hunger to meet Christ and to be transformed by Him.  This workshop will help us look into youth spirituality, and learn innovative ways in leading them towards a meaningful and transforming encounter with Christ.

Celebrating through arts
Fr. Patrick Dominador Z. Falguera, SJ

Workshop 17 – Appreciate the role of the arts in our Catholic tradition.  Discover how age-old Christian art expressions could speak to us and lead us to God.  This workshop will welcome us into this world of artists so that we too can discover this gift of God in us and in our young people. Then, explore with our hands in expressing ourselves to our God, the Great Artist of all creation!