Day 2

Morning Prayer

Day 2 Morning Prayer

Plenary Session

Chosen by Christ – Self-Assessment
Chosen by Christ – Self-Assessment


Lecturette 1: Intimacy with God
Ms. Rose Marie Banay
Sr. Teresita Motos, ACI
How intimate is my relationship with God?  Am I devoting time to talk to God?  Do I have a set time for personal prayer?  For reading the Bible?  How often do I participate in the celebration of the Holy Mass?  Do I still practice my Catholic faith through the sacraments, especially of confession and communion?
Intimacy with God
Intimacy with God
Lecturette 2: Redefining Beautiful
Ms. Ma. Pamela S. Viñas, RN, MAN, PhD
Dr. Marylendra A. Penetrante
How am I as a woman?   Am I the woman God wants me to be?  How deep is my understanding of my uniqueness as a woman?  Does the sexuality I understand and practice focus on being pure and chaste?
Redefining Beautiful
Redefining Beautiful
Lecturette 3: Real Strong Men
Mr. Gerardo Viñas
Fr. Elmer Flores, SVD
How am I as a man?  Am I the man God wants me to be?  How deep is my understanding of my uniqueness as a man?  Does the sexuality I understand and practice focus on being pure and chaste? Lecturette 4: Learn, Yearn, DiscernHow is my life? Is this the life God wants me to live?  Have I discovered if I am for priesthood / religious life, or for married life, or for single blessedness?  How am I discovering the path of life God is leading me to and is living with me?
Lecturette 4: Yearn, Learn, Discern
Sr. Annielyn A. Alejado, AR
Rev. Fr. Noel Emmanuel Alforte
How is my life? Is this the life God wants me to live?  Have I discovered if I am for priesthood / religious life, or for married life, or for single blessedness?  How am I discovering the path of life God is leading me to and is living with me?
Yearn, Learn, Discern
Lecturette 5: The Good Steward
Ms. Anna Marie S. Onjoco
Sr. Marieflor Jacob, DM
How do I take care of the graces God has given me?  Do I manage my time, talent and treasure properly?  Am I maximizing the use of these Godly gifts?  Do I think that I am blessed and called to use these gifts to bless the lives of others?
Lecturette 6: Through the Father’s Eyes
Ms. Dollie Laguilles
Fr. Levie Eupreses Quitasol
Are there issues in my life I am hiding, not ready to be acknowledged?  Does my personality, with all its components (e.g. understanding, sexuality, emotions, etc.), speak of Jesus and align to my life as a youth minister?  How do I deal with my personal issues?  How do I surrender “shadows” in my life to the Lord, our Savior?
Lecturette 7: Perfect Ties
Rev. Fr. Ricardo Barquez
Sr. Ma. Dolores Tan, ACI
How important is family to me?  How do I value the family I have?  Do I recognize them as one of God’s greatest gifts to me?  How can I respond to the call of becoming an instrument of faith, healing and joy not only to young people but also to my own family? 
Perfect Ties 1
Perfect Ties 2

Spiritual Experiences

SE1 – Drawing life from the Source (Prayer in the way of Taizé with Eucharistic adoration)

Mr. Jayson Gonzales

Praying in the way of Taizé, something familiar in many youth ministry circles, is a form of meditative prayer further enriched by its simplicity, by the beauty of the prayer space, and by the Word of God used in song and silence.  This prayer will become more special as you adore our Lord Jesus Christ, present before you in the Blessed Sacrament: A perfect opportunity of communion with Him.

SE2 – Praying with the hands (arts expression)

Fr. Nunilon Arnold Bancaso

Through your hands, this experience will facilitate an encounter with the Master.  Open your heart and soul to receive His loving message to you as you express these inspirations through meaningful artwork.  The illustrations which you will create will then become a powerful testimony to His dwelling in your heart.

Praying with the Hands

SE3 – Meeting Jesus at my core (Christian meditation)

Sr. Susan Peñaflor, FSP

Christian meditation is a method of silent prayer that leads one towards the center of one’s being, the place where God dwells and comes to meet us.  This prayer will prepare you to receive the gift of contemplative prayer, where you come to feel God’s intimate closeness with you, allowing your soul to find rest in God’s loving presence.

SE4 – Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)

This is a privileged moment for you to rebuild or strengthen your bond of friendship with Jesus through the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  The individual confession will be preceded by a penitential service to prepare youth ministers in the encounter with the Lord who forgives, and will be followed by a special ritual celebrating God’s mercy.  Jesus lovingly awaits you, His chosen servant, to receive His gift of love and peace in this experience.

SE5 – Dialogue from the heart (counseling)

Ms. Erlie Joy Prianes
Ms. Monica Mendenilla
Ms. Annabella Manalo
Ms. Jeosil Borja
Mr. Johnly Lorca
Ms. Lareevane Sapico
Sr. Ma. Lani Saligumba, ACI

This is a special opportunity given you: to be listened to by competent counselors as you open up your very self, with your joys and dreams, and even struggles and questions in  life and ministry.  With your permission, your counselor can facilitate the review of old paths or discover new directions, bearing fruit in meaningful dialogue with someone trustworthy as you confront your present situation, and realize where the Lord Jesus is leading you in your journey.

Dialogue from the Heart

SE6 – Returning to God’s love (Ignatian prayer)

Sr. Ma. Dolores Tan, ACI

In this experience, you will be given a taste of Ignatian Prayer, described as imaginative, reflective, and personal.  St. Ignatius of Loyola affirms that the deepest desire of human beings is to return to God’s love.  Let the God of love make this desire grow within you as you come to meet Him in this spiritual experience.

SE7 – Dwelling on God’s Word Together (7-step Gospel sharing)

Mr. Joseph Angelo Guevarra

Allow Jesus, the Word-made-flesh who dwelt among us, to speak to you and your fellow youth ministers in this spiritual experience as you read, reflect and share on the Word of God.  This way of breaking and sharing the Word lets participants dialogue with Jesus through His Gospel, and for this particular experience will aim to bring participants back to that moment when He first called you to serve Him.  Savor His message of confidence and love, and share this as your own Gospel today: first to your fellow youth ministers and then to the world of the young.

SE8 – Encountering the powerful Healer (healing prayer)

Fr. Efren Borromeo, SOLT

Acknowledging the many pains, struggles and failures which we have gone through in life, and how these have wounded us greatly and weakened us in living faithfully as God’s chosen servants, Jesus comes to meet you through this spiritual experience as the God who can heal all your pains and hurts, and transform you into the person whom He destined you to become right from the very start – a person handpicked by Him to become His beloved friend.

SE9 – An hour with Mary (pondering life’s mysteries through the rosary)

Sr. Maribeth Paquia, ACI
Mr. Stephen Borja

Our Blessed Mother will be the guide here, as youth ministers in this spiritual experience are led to rediscover the rosary as contemplation of our human life and how this life shines most brightly in her Son, our Lord Jesus.  Here, you will learn from Mary’s school as you reflect  on significant episodes in Jesus’ life and your own.  Together with her, participating youth ministers will be challenged to joyfully proclaim, “We are the Lord’s chosen servants; let it be done to us according to His Word.”