ECY Secretariat

At the national level, the ECY maintains its Secretariat (formerly known as the National Secretariat for Youth Apostolate), which it created in 1986 to serve as its implementing arm.

Vision and Mission

The ECY Secretariat is a community of youth ministers, joyfully living out their faith in Jesus Christ, at the service of the ECY, implementing the ECY’s directives, and fostering an open and collaborative ministry with its fellow youth ministers in the ecclesiastical territories and national youth organizations.


The ECY Secretariat is the implementing arm and liaison of the ECY.  As such, it is an office established and maintained by the ECY.  It is managed by a Director, who is also the Executive Secretary of the ECY.  A team of full-time staff and a pool of volunteers who are all youth ministers assist him/her.


1. Communications

The ECY Secretariat functions as a conduit of information on youth ministry.

It maintains communication with the youth ministry offices of the dioceses and national youth organizations.  It transmits initiatives of the ECY to these offices.  It also brings the needs and concerns of these entities to the attention of the ECY.

Likewise, it establishes and strengthens linkages with government and non-government offices and other local and international entities, thus ensuring exchange of information.

2. Liaison and Representation

The ECY Secretariat serves as link of the ECY with the youth ministry offices of the dioceses and national youth organizations, and also with other bodies related to youth.

In connection to this, it sends official representatives to events, meetings and gatherings concerning youth and youth ministry.  It also attends and participates in any event, meeting or gathering which is of interest to the ECY.

3. Coordination and Networking

Part of the functions of the Secretariat is to coordinate the projects of the ECY with the youth ministry offices of the dioceses and national youth organizations.

It also strengthens networking of the ECY with the various CBCP commissions and offices, and again with other GO’s and NGO’s.

4. Monitoring

The ECY Secretariat follows up the progress and ensures completion of the initiatives, programs and projects of the ECY in the youth ministries of the dioceses, national youth organizations, and other concerned structures.

5. Animation

The Secretariat launches the initiatives of the ECY in the areas of formation, organization and mobilization of the young.  It sensitizes the diocesan youth ministries and national youth organizations regarding the urgency of ministering to the youth.

6. Implementation

This is its main function: to implement initiatives, programs and projects of the ECY, and to perform other similar functions as delegated by the ECY.

7. Research and Documentation

The ECY Secretariat also undertakes periodic studies and research about the Filipino youth: their current situation, needs and aspirations, among others.

It maintains documentation of pertinent data and information on youth ministry, including news clippings, articles, books and other literature and resources.

The Secretariat also documents national, regional, and diocesan youth events, especially those under the auspices of the ECY.

It also requests for and maintains a file of yearly youth ministry reports from the dioceses and national youth organizations.


The ECY and its Secretariat

The ECY and its Secretariat