The ECY is initially a committee under the Episcopal Commission on Lay Apostolate (ECLA) during the period 1976-1985.  This period marked the rise of national youth organizations and movements and the creation of youth ministry structures within the dioceses.  Diocesan youth directors, coordinators and leaders head these structures.  During the NCYM in January 1986 in Tagaytay City, the delegates, composed of the youth directors, coordinators and leaders, proposed for the creation of a separate commission specifically for the youth.
Basis for its creation are the following:
  1. that majority of the population belongs to the youth:
  2. that the ECLA, dominated by lay adults with their won unique needs and concerns, cannot adequately meet the particular demands of ministering to the young;
  3. that the youth and youth ministry exhibit unique needs and aspirations—calling for a corresponding response that is concrete, adequate and complete.
  4. That the youth deserve fuller and more direct representation and participation in the Philippine Church.
The bishops acknowledge the need for a commission that addresses all youth ministry concerns distinctively.  During the CBCP Plenary Assembly in June 1986, they unanimously approved the creation of the ECY.