Youth Ministry and National Youth Day

National Youth Day, though previously celebrated locally in the dioceses and parishes, contributed to strengthening youth ministry.  People have gradually become aware of and appreciate the role of the youth in the Catholic Church.  Dioceses and parishes have realized the importance of an effective and dynamic youth ministry.  National Youth Day provides opportunities for positive expression of our youth ministers’ desire to embrace Christ’s mission among the youth.  It is celebrating a gift, the gift of being young followers of Christ!  It call our youth ministers who are more awakened to the realities and signs of our times to be more organized, involved and committed in the works of the Church.  It is a celebration of their ministry among and with their fellow youth!

NYD 2011

Youth and National Youth Day

Any youthful celebration provides for articulation of our young people’s desire for a better world.  National Youth Day has always hoped to allow young people to express their dreams.  In the non-formal atmosphere that it creates, young people freely rejoices their Christianity and youthfulness!  In the presence of their local ordinary, with the priests and the religious all rallying behind them, National Youth Day comes for them, a proclamation of the Church’s preferential love and attention!  And the youth cannot help but be joyful.  Inspite of the persistent problems of underdevelopment, division and injustice, the National Youth Day gives them reason to rejoice in the gift of their youthfulness!