14 February 2015 – DBTC Run for Chastity 2015

You are invited to the benefit run entitled “Run for Chastity” on 14 February 2015 at Don Bosco Technical College (DBTC) Mandaluyong at 4:00 am.

The benefit run aims to promote the value of chastity and respect to human sexuality among the youth and the rest of the members of the Bosconian family .

Proceeds of this run will be donated for the improvement and renovation of the Big Chapel’s “retablo”.

Registration fee is P 300.00 for 3k and 5k. This includes the event shirt and other freebies.

Medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd finishers.

For more inquiries please visit DBTC College Pastoral Office or their FB website (click on the link).

Chastity FRONT copy


20-24 April 2015 – Empowerment of Youth Ministers to Stop Trafficking in Persons

The Episcopal Commission on Youth has entered into partnership with Talitha Kum in a project called “Empowerment of Youth Ministers to Stop Trafficking in Persons.” As its ultimate goal, this project aims for the prevention of trafficking of young persons. This is a concrete response to the issue that affects many of our poor young people today. The Training Course Against Human Trafficking will be held on 20-24 April 2015 at the Capuchin Retreat House, Brgy. San Sebastian, Lipa, Batangas.

An initial and crucial step for this training course is identifying 16-17 ecclesiastical territories with high incidence of human trafficking, specifically the disaster-prone areas, in order to equip their youth ministers to become active and competent advocates in the prevention of human trafficking in their respective settings.

Talitha Kum supports this endeavor by providing resources and experts on counter-human trafficking efforts as trainors of the course.

Summer Institute: God’s Pottery Series

Want to pause and ponder? Want to take a retreat this summer? Interested in learning how to write modules and facilitate group retreats?

The Christian Life Community of the Philippines (CLCP), through its Formation Institute (CLCFI), invites you to the God’s Pottery Series for Summer 2015 which aims at contributing to the ongoing formation of Campus Ministers, Christian Living Teachers, and Parish Youth Formators. The four modules that are designed to assist the Church in empowering these formators are as follows:

God’s Touch:    A Prayer Workshop
Spirit’s Breath: Writing Modules and Facilitating Group Retreats and Prayer Sessions
Inner Journey:   An Ignatian Retreat
Voices and Movements: The Art of Discernment


Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 3.30.03 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 3.29.18 PM


10_CBCP Endorsement

Interested Campus Ministers and Christian Living Teachers may register online at www.clcphilippines.org/summer-institute_2015.

11-15 May 2015 – Caught in the Net


2015 May 11-15 / Bukal Ng Tipan, Maryhill, Taytay, Rizal

Course fee is P 4,500/person

For queries and reservation, please call (02) 6585064 / 7067066 and look for Ms. Ferly or Ms. Joy.

Email: bukalngtipancicm@gmail.com

Website: www.bukalngtipan.org

Kindly bring for the workshop: laptop/internet connection (stick or mobile wifi), mobile phone with camera and camera (dslr or point and shoot)

13-15 May 2015 – St. John Paul II Catechetics and Youth Ministry Conference

11th John Paul II Catechetics & Youth Ministry Conference


A special event—the 200th birthday of the Father and Teacher of the young, the Catechist-Saint and the Youth Minister-Mentor, St. John Bosco on 16 August 2015—has inspired the organizers to make the 11th John Paul II Catechetics & Youth Ministry Conference also a special installment of this annual service of the Salesians to the Catholic Church in the Philippines. To celebrate Don Bosco’s bicentennial birth and acknowledge his contribution to catechesis and youth ministry in the Church, this year’s Conference takes as its theme:


#Celebrating SJB@200: Rekindling Catechesis, Rejuvenating Youth Ministry


Adopting a New Format

Year 2015 has offered the decade-old JP II CYMC the possibility of looking back to its simple beginnings. Moreover, JP II CYMC has moved to its new venue: St. John Bosco Parish Church, Makati. Thus, the result of its review and relocation: REFORMAT!


The main conferences in the morning are on themes close to the heart of St. John Bosco: his being a priest for the young, especially the poor and marginalized; the formation of youth toward honest citizenship and joyful sanctity; and their faith formation. The following will be presented in the plenary sessions:


1st Day (AM):           St. John Bosco: Saint-Priest for the Youth, especially the Poor

2nd Day (AM):           Applying Don Bosco’s Preventive System in the Different Pastoral Settings

3rd Day (AM):           With SJB@200, Rekindling Catechesis for New Evangelization


For its afternoon sessions, the 11th St. JP II CYMC adopts a simpler format designed for participants involved in catechesis and those in youth ministry. Meant to deepen on the main theme SJB@200, the three “loves” or lifelong devotions of Don Bosco are one set of topics from which the participants may choose one topic for each afternoon.


1st Day (PM): Don Bosco’s Love for the Eucharist

1.1. St. John Bosco and the Eucharist


1.2. Preparing for the Eucharistic Congress 2016


2nd Day (PM): Don Bosco’s Love for Mary

2.1. St. John Bosco and His Devotion to Mary


2.2. Mary, the Mother and Model of Consecrated Persons


3rd Day (PM): Don Bosco’s Love for the Pope & Church

3.1. St. John Bosco and His Fidelity to the Pope and the Church


3.2. Four (4) Months after Pope Francis’ Visit ….


Three more mini-conferences on methodology or spirituality are available for the participants, one for each afternoon, depending on the track-ministry that they prefer to take. The set of topics are also relevant and related to new evangelization.


Track A          Catechetical Ministry Method Track

1st PM              Promoting Liturgical Catechesis for New Evangelization

2nd PM            Popular Piety for New Evangelization

3rd PM             Catechumenate: Model of Catechesis for New Evangelization


Track B          Catechetical Ministry Spirituality Track

1st PM              Promoting the Biblical & Eucharistic Spirituality

2nd PM            Fostering Marian Spirituality through a Marian Catechetical Method

3rd PM             Fostering Creation Spirituality


Track C          Youth Ministry Method Track

1st PM              Developing Catholic Culture among the Young and by the Young

2nd PM            Fostering Young Saints through Social Media

3rd PM             Youth as Callejeros de la Fe (Street Evangelization)


Track D         Youth Ministry Spirituality Track

1st PM              Spirituality of Encounter in New Evangelization

2nd PM             The Role of Saints in Youth Ministry Today

3rd PM             Initiating and Deepening Youth Spirituality through YouCat



#Celebrating SJB@200:
Rekindling Catechesis, Rejuvenating Youth Ministry

Scriptural Foundation for the theme of the 11th JP2 CYMC

Ezekiel 34:16

The lost I will search out, the strays I will bring back, the injured I will bind up, and the sick I will heal; but the sleek and the strong I will destroy. I will shepherd them in judgment.

This verse is taken from the First Reading for the Mass in honor of St. John Bosco. The image of the good shepherd has been applied to the Father and Teacher of youth. During the three-day conference it is fitting to reflect and appreciate Saint John Bosco as the shepherd of the youth who embodies the values and spirit of Jesus the Good Shepherd. Moreover, inspired by the recent visit of Pope Francis in the country and his message of mercy and compassion, the conference aims at highlighting the same virtues in the life of St. John Bosco.

The mission of St. John Bosco was clearly to search out for the youth who were lost; to bring them back to the sheepfold through education and evangelization; to help them bind up the wounds inflicted by society and even by the Christian community by forming them into good Christians and honest citizens; to heal them through the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist; to save them from the powerful and strong influence that lead them away from Jesus.

St. John Bosco has plenty to share with the catechists and youth ministers who are called to carry out the same mission of this Saint-priest for youth, especially the needy and the marginalized, to educate and evangelize.

The Theme of the Conference

#Celebrating SJB@200: 
Rekindling Catechesis, Rejuvenating Youth Ministry


Hashtag (#)

The 11th St. JP II CYMC invites as many to join in celebrating the 200th birthday of St. John Bosco, who serves as inspiration in rekindling the ministry of catechesis and in rejuvenating youth ministry in the Church. This year’s Conference hopes that a thread of creative ideas and meaningful strategies in doing catechesis and youth ministry will be developed among those who “tag” on the theme such that catechesis is rekindled and youth ministry is rejuvenated.

#Celebrating SJB@200

On the centenary of St. John Bosco’s entrance to heaven in 1988, St. John Paul II declared him Father and Teacher of the Young. This declaration was a gesture of the Holy Father to offer St. John Bosco to the Church as a model in evangelizing and educating the youth; hence, the saint belongs not only to his Salesian family but also to the universal Church. The bicentenary of his birth this August 16, then, is a celebration both for his family members and for the Church, especially for the young for whom he spent his life.

The St. JP II CYMC owes its vision to St. John Bosco and takes his 200th birthday as a moment to honor him and make his method and spirituality known by many who follow his footsteps in evangelizing and educating the young, namely the catechists and youth ministers.


Rekindling Catechesis

John Bosco was born from a mother who was a catechist at heart and he learned how to catechize from her. He could recall the first catechetical lessons his mother taught him and he passed it on to his boys: “God sees you.” He grew up taking part in catechetical activities of his time, e.g, attending sermons in the village chapel. His apostolate for the young as a priest began with a simple catechism class. He was creative in catechizing the youth in his Oratory.

Catechists and religion teachers, the educators in the faith, can look at Don Bosco to draw some fire to level up the ministry of catechesis and make it responsive to the demands of new evangelization and new youth. Hence, with SJB@200 the dream is to rekindle catechesis.


Rejuvenating Youth Ministry

Right after his dream when he was nine years old, Little Johnny Bosco was not only determined to become a priest but above all to be a priest for the young. He learned youth ministry while he himself was a growing young man, beset by poverty and hard life. He took upon himself to learn several trades and develop skills that would be helpful in educating the youth of his time. For him education happened and happens not only inside the classroom but wherever the young were and are.

As father of the young, his life attests that he had strongly propounded that the youth are not only the future but also the present (and gift) in the Church. They are not only the recipients but also agents of evangelization, especially with their peers. St. John Bosco is truly our teacher in rejuvenating youth ministry for new evangelization.


For more information, please visit: http://www.saintjp2cymc.org

6 December 2014 – Spirituality of Forbearance: A Response to the Emerging New Religious Movement in the 21st Century

You and your colleagues are invited to join our Public Lecture on  “Spirituality of Forbearance: A Response to the Emerging New Religious Movement in the 21st Century” with Mr. Ramonito C. Perez on 6 December 20141:30 pm  – 4:30 pm at Titus Brandsma Center, # 24 Acacia St., New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines.



17-21 November 2014 – New Evangelization and the Young Conference

November 17-21, 2014
CICM Maryshore Bukal ng Tipan Mission Center
Talisay City, Negros Occidental

NE New Poster



Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium” has been a remarkable source of inspiration for the Church especially as it fulfills its primary mission of evangelization in the modern world. It is an impetus for the missionary nature of the Church as it challenges complacency at all levels and inspires newness in her approaches to ministries. Evangelii Gaudium draws its source from the Synod on New Evangelization in 2012. The synod itself reminds of the necessity to revive faith, which risks being made obscure in the context of today’s cultures, also faced with the weakening of the faith by many baptized persons”. The Church in the Philippines, specifically the Archdiocese of Manila, initiated a conference last year in response to the challenge of New Evangelization (Philippine Conference on New Evangelization). This year is declared as Year of the Laity by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) highlighting the missionary role of every lay person by virtue of the vocation received in baptism.

In all these happenings in the Church we are challenged to look at the role and the place in the missionary activity of the Church of an important sector of the laity, indeed the majority in number in the church, the young. As we give importance to this sector of the Church as both agent and context of evangelization, we therefore need to articulate the vision of the Pope’s exhortation and the New Evangelization in the situation of the youth today. Drawing from the joy of the Gospel as wellspring of every missionary activity we cannot likewise minimize the importance of a personal encounter with Christ of every missionary or minister in order to be creative, effective and persevering.

It is for this reason that Bukal ng Tipan is coming up with a 5-day conference and workshop entitled “NE and the Young” (New Evangelization and the Young) in order to articulate vision of the Evangelii Gaudium and New Evangelization in the context of the young, and facilitate the sharing of new skills and approaches in doing youth ministry and to provide spaces for youth ministers to encounter Jesus and once again renew their commitment as youth ministers. BELONGING – This will touch on the sense of belonging of the young, the journey from just being clubs or acquaintances to becoming community.



22 November 2014 – Spirituality of Work in an Academic Setting

The Institute of Spirituality in Asia (ISA) is inviting you for a Public Lecture on “Spirituality of Work in an Academic Setting” with Dr. Carmen Alviar on 22 November 2014 (Saturday), 1:30 pm  – 4:30 pm at Titus Brandsma Center, # 24 Acacia St., New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines.

isa brandsma

Spirituality of a Selected Group of Filipino Adolescents with Absentee-Fathers

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the Institute of Spirituality in Asia!

We are pleased to invite you and your colleagues to attend our Public Lecture on October 25, 2014 at 1:30 PM – 4:30 PM at Blessed Titus Brandsma Center #24 Acacia Street, New Manila, Quezon City. The topic is about “Spirituality of a Selected Group of Filipino Adolescents with Absentee-Fathers ” by Dr. Milagros Cortez-Arrevillaga. For more information, please see our invitation.

Thank you and we look forward to your participation.

In Carmel,


Sr. Gerlette Fatima C. Cabahug, Carm. O.L.
Administrative Officer
Institute of Spirituality in Asia (ISA)
#28 Acacia St., New Manila, 1112 Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No. (63) 723-0449

A Solemn Public Exposition and Veneration of the Sacred Relics of St. John Paul II and other PRO-LIFE Saints

Greetings !
Recently canonized Pope John Paul II continues to hold a very special place in the hearts of the Catholic faithful. His two visits in our country in 1981 and 1995 remain alive in the nation’s memory.
The Filipino people are one with the rest of the Catholic world in celebrating the life and times of this modern-day saint every opportunity we get as we all try to live out his legacy of love for Life, zeal for Evangelization and passion for living out the Faith.
As we offer our gratitude to God for giving us the gift of St. John Paul II, we also offer our thanks to this successor of Peter for helping bring us closer to God as we also ask for his saintly intercession for healing of the many ills plaguing our country and people.
In view of this, we in Pro-Life Philippines have the honor to invite everyone to:
October 1-30, 2014
Pro-Life Philippines Office
70 Main Horseshoe Drive, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City
9am-5pm, Monday to Saturday
totus official-1 John Paul II
For inquiries and reservations, please call us at 655-6202, fax us at 571-6550, or email us at <life@prolife.org>.
St. John Paul II, pray for us.