That Thing Called Mercy

The journey around the country of the YOUCAT Pilgrim Cross of Mercy
A sharing by Mr. Randy C. Fuentes of YOUCAT Philippines
Youcat Cross of mercy
In the midst of confusion and sadness in our world, particularly here in our country, the thing that gives us strength, especially Catholics, is our hope and faith in the mercy of the Lord.  For me, this is what the Pilgrim Cross of Mercy, brought to all places visited in the past 6 months, is all about: to give hope, to let the people who touched and prayed in front of the Cross be assured of God’s unfading mercy and love, and to let them remember and feel God’s promise of mercy.

The YOUCAT Pilgrim Cross of Mercy started its nationwide pilgrimage last 2016 May 23.  It was able to visit nine (9) of the 10 Regional Youth Coordinating Councils: this includes majority of the 86 ecclesiastical territories in the country (including the Military Ordinariate) and different members of the Federation of National Youth Organizations (FNYO).

As in-charge of the pilgrimage and the guardian of the cross, I witnessed God’s merciful love through all the people who journeyed with and volunteered for the Pilgrim Cross, those who welcomed, prayed and celebrated life with the Lord through their encounter with the Cross.  I was touched by the experience of faith of the different people from the different places and cultures that the Cross visited.  With other volunteers, I personally felt and received God’s mercy through the people and families who accepted, fed and took care of us while we were in their respective dioceses or communities.  I was blessed by the life stories and witnessing of people on how God moved and loved them even at their desperate moment.  There were lay people, religious and priests who shared their experiences of the Cross.  They thought that what was coming was only an ordinary cross, but when they saw and touched it, they told us that they had goosebumps because they felt that it was Jesus Himself who came to their place and visited them.  Because of these experiences, I was inspired to move forward and carry my own cross with deep faith in God: He will always be there for me and for my family.  That He will take care of my needs as well as of my family while I am in this pilgrimage of bringing His Cross to the peripheries.

He never failed in assuring me that He is in-charge amidst all my worries.  There were times that my body was tired, and I wanted to go home for much needed rest yet I can’t because I am on a mission, but thank God for He took care of me and healed my sickness and pain as I prayed to Him before His Cross, surrendering myself unto Him.

Now, the Pilgrimage of the Cross of Mercy is over; however, I will never forget this once in a lifetime opportunity of evangelization, proclaiming and becoming a true witness of God’s merciful love for all of us Filipinos.  Being a missionary of mercy, I can say that God always remembers His promise of mercy: not only for those who are in the church but also for those who see themselves outside the church and think they are unloved, especially the young people.

I would like to thank again all the friends and volunteers who gave themselves in this journey of mercy; the YOUCAT Philippines which trusted me; the CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Youth for the help and partnership in this mission; and all the Bishops of the archdioceses, dioceses, prelatures and apostolic vicariates which welcomed the Cross of Mercy.  May God bless us all.

Statement of the FNYO on Fake news and Satirical Websites

The Federation of National Youth Organizations (FNYO) released the video statement below on Fake news and Satirical Websites on the occasion of the closing of their 25th anniversary as a federation.

Statement of the FNYO on Extrajudicial Killings

The Federation of National Youth Organizations (FNYO) released the video statement below on extrajudicial killings on the occasion of the closing of their 25th anniversary as a federation.


NCYM 2016 – Workshop Materials

Workshop Materials

Workshop 1: Animating youth ministry – Instruction
Animating youth ministry – Name of heroes
Animating youth ministry – Instruction card 1
Animating youth ministry – Instruction card 2
Animating youth ministry – Instruction card 3
Animating youth ministry – Instruction card 4

Workshop 2: Workshop on Ka-lakbay

Workshop 3: Strategic Pastoral Planning

Workshop 4: Magtanim ay di biro – Goal Setting Guide

Workshop 6: Linkages and partnerships

Workshop 10: Pastoral care for youth ministers – Introduction
Pastoral care for youth ministers – Presentation 1
Pastoral care for youth ministers – Presentation 2
Perceived stress scale


Workshop 11: Financial stewardship management

Workshop 12: Real freedom total happiness and true love presentation 1
Real freedom total happiness and true love presentation 2

Workshop 13: #hugotmillenials – Pastoring the youth of today

Workshop 14: Nurturing Relationships
Nurturing Relationships – Gospel-centered Friendship
Nurturing Relationships – Nurturing community relationships
Nurturing Relationships – Goals of youth work
Nurturing Relationships – Potential Problems

Workshop 15: Accompanying the youth towards spiritual growth – group synthesis

Workshop 16: Kapag may alam makialam
Kapag may alam makialam booklet

Workshop 18: Why do we need to talk about hiv-aids RA-8504
Why do we need to talk about hiv-aids – Planning template


Workshop 19: Trafficking in persons – Spectrum of prevention
Trafficking in persons – The three key actors in the trafficking process
Trafficking in persons – prayer


09-15 December 2016 – Youth Ministry Awareness Week


The Youth Ministry Awareness Week, resolved by the National Youth Coordinating Council last 2003 and approved by the CBCP-ECY, is placed under the animation of the Regional Youth Coordinating Councils.

To download, click on this link: Youth Ministry Awareness Week – Backgrounder and Prayer


YMAW Day 2


YMAW Day 3

YMAW Day 4


YMAW Day 5


YMAW Day 6


YMAW Day 7

Ymaw day 7

Statement of Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas on House Bill 01, the “Death Penalty Law”


At present there is an insistent attempt both in Congress and in the Senate to reimpose Death Penalty in our country. Such an attempt is supported by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte.

In 1987, death penalty was abolished in the Philippines. Its abolition clearly reveals a strong message that it has no place in our society where preservation and respect for human life is of utmost importance.

Based on their in-depth worldwide study on death penalty, Amnesty International itself concludes that Capital punishment does not work. There is a wealth of mounting evidence that proves this fact. “Death penalty is a symptom of a culture of violence and not a solution to it”. It is likewise discriminatory because poor and marginalized people have no access to legal resources to defend themselves. Aware of how our legal and justice system works, death penalty will never bring real justice. Further, it breaks essential human rights such as the right to life.

Pope Francis in his message during the recently celebrated Jubilee Mass for Prisoners calls for a Criminal Justice System that gives hope. He specifically calls for an improvement in the condition of life in the prison cells so that human dignity of the detainees is fully respected. He calls for a criminal justice system that is not exclusively punitive but open to the prospect of reinserting the convict in society.

Therefore we, at the Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas appeal to our lawmakers to reject and oppose the restoration of Death Penalty. We also call on our God fearing countrymen to work for the respect and protection of human life.

For the Laiko Board of Directors,

National President
Noted by:

National Director
Chairman, CBCP Episcopal Commission on the Laity

22 November 2016

You can also download the PDF Format: statement-of-sangguniang-laiko-ng-pilipinas-on-house-bill-01-death-penalty-bill.

Videos of the NCYM 2016 in the Diocese of Dipolog

Opening Mass – Homily:

Day 2 – Mass – Homily:

Day 2 – Plenary Talk:

Closing Mass – Homily:

Days 0 and 1 – Video Recap:

Day 2 – Video Recap:

Day 3 – Video Recap:

NCYM Recap:

FORGIVEN AND FREE: A Festival of Mercy

How are you planning to close the Jubilee of Mercy?  Join this overnight festival with other young people!

The Archdiocese of Manila, through its Ministry on Campus (part of its archdiocesan youth ministry office), and the Adamson University Campus Ministry is putting up “FORGIVEN AND FREE: A Festival of Mercy” this November 19-20.


The festival welcomes young people in groups, whether school-based or not.  Registration online is necessary using the registration form (attached) provided by the organizers, as well as a nominal fee of only P200 per person (to cover event ID, kit, and November 19 dinner and November 20 breakfast).  No onsite registration will be entertained.

To be held in the Adamson University in Manila, this overnight vigil will begin at 4:00 PM of Saturday, and end at 8:00 AM of Sunday, Solemnity of Christ the King and closing day of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy declared by Pope Francis last year.

It will be a celebration of God’s mercy, His gift to His beloved children as we close the jubilee!  As Pope Francis himself said, “The Jubilee is like a party to which Jesus invites us all, without excluding anyone.  It is a time when we discover that life together as brothers and sisters is like a great party, perhaps the most beautiful party we can imagine, the endless party that Jesus has taught us to celebrate by His Spirit.”

If you are a student in Metro Manila or nearby areas, tell your school about this; if you are from a parish or youth group, let your leaders know.  Be part of this party for mercy!

More details are available on the event’s Facebook page–

Tadhana: Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa (Live Pure Conference 2016)

live pure movement

Live Pure is a catholic youth movement committed to lead young people to a life of Real Freedom, True Love and Total Happiness by living a chaste life. A movement of the young that promotes and defends the culture of LIFE. This is not just a passing advocacy defined by the signs of the times, but rather, to Live Pure is our identity.

Annually,  young people gathered from all over the country to celebrate Real Freedom, Total Happiness and True Love through the Live Pure Conference. Already on their 5th year, they are inviting you to a Live Pure Conference entitled “Tadhana: Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa” on October 9, 2016 which will be held at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City from 12NN to 6PM.

For more information, please visit:

Invitation to the 1st National Bible Congress

NATIONAL COUNCILS of FNYO Member Organizations
Dear fellow youth ministers,
Greetings in our Lord!
We are pleased to share with you about the 1st National Bible Congress being prepared by the CBCP-Episcopal Commission on the Biblical Apostolate!  It will be this October 03-05, to be hosted by the Diocese of Laoag.
Why this Congress?  “To maximize the implementation of all of the statements made in Koronadal City (formerly Marbel) after the 21st National Bible Workshop, we found it helpful to come up with a Bible Congress which aims
1) to deepen the awareness of everyone involved in the different commissions of the CBCP, including the Bible Apostolate on the importance of the Word of God in the mission and vision of the Church as found in Verbum Domini
2) to provide a venue for updating on current studies on the Bible
3) to motivate the participants to appreciate the Word of God and be actively involved in its use and reflection in their respective ministries and commissions and also in the distribution of bibles to all parishes and dioceses” (from the CBCP-ECBA Executive Secretary, Dr. NATIVIDAD PAGADUT).
Acknowledging the Word of God as the life and mission of the Church and all her ministries, the CBCP-ECY maintains a mutually beneficial relationship with the CBCP-ECBA; we believe this is mirrored in many dioceses, where the youth ministry and bible apostolate offices/ commissions in various levels are closely collaborating.  May we therefore enjoin you to two things:
1) To be part of this congress by registering and/or sending your youth leaders/ ministers to register (we are appealing especially to youth ministries within the Northern and Central Luzon Regional Youth Coordinating Councils), or by registering with the delegation of the biblical apostolate of your diocese; and
2) To share this invitation to your networks and circles of influence (e.g. parish youth ministries within your diocese, local chapters of your organization, the campus ministries within your reach, etc.).
The CBCP-ECBA has only specified that attendees should be “actively involved in a ministry of the Church and recommended by the parish priest, bishop, director/directress of that ministry” and “willing to serve his/her parish/diocese after the congress”.
The program is being prepared to become relevant in the light of the Jubilee of Mercy and our own Year of the Eucharist and the Family.  More details are available in the CBCP-ECBA website, where (online) registration is open until September 15.
Anticipating your support and cooperation in this regard, I remain
Sincerely yours in Christ,
Executive Secretary
P.S. Here is the link to the site about this event —