The Asian Youth Day (AYD) is the coming together of Catholic youths from different Asian countries. This weeklong life experience enables young people to gather in formation programs and plan their future spiritual lives. At the same time, the gathering aims to provide an opportunity for Catholic youths to explore and renew their faith, so that they can share the Gospel with others through the work of justice and peace. The AYD also includes the sharing of faith with other religious groups.

The Episcopal Commission on Youth is happy to extend the invitation of the Office of Laity and Family of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences to the Sixth Asian Youth Day, with the theme Asian Youth! Wake Up! The Glory of the Martyrs shines on you.

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This will be held this 10-17 August 2014 in Korea, with the Diocese of Daejeon as host-diocese of the main event.

This invitation is addressed to the youth. It comes with slot allocations, with 100 slots given to the delegation of our country, the registration of which is entrusted to our office. We have created and will implement a process of application and registration to fill this number of slots in a fair and efficient way.

For more information pls. download the AYD2014 – Primer for the Philippines